24. Kevin's the name, don' go by anythin' else.

Human Cell Manipulator is what I am.

Disclaimer: This is was only a roleplaying account . It is now kept for memories, and used as a ZE:A blog and for occasional roleplaying.

Please do NOT repost my edits/gifs anywhere or use them without my permission.
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` important ; note for absence

i am rarely on this account due to no longer rping him, and due to ze:a currently not promoting right now. however it’s still my ze:a blog and i may post again once they promote or if i have time to make new gifs.

for now, i can be found on this blog if anyone has any questions or wants to contact me. and if people are wondering, this, this, this and this have also been my previous accounts i have used as well.

<3 please keep supporting ze:a, fellow styles ~~~

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Anonymous said,
Maybe some throwback gifs from the watch out era, please? They were all so adorable (still are kkk) thank you

watch out era? hmm … i’ll have to dig through what i have and what i can find (i won’t usually gif something if it’s already been gifed many times already) — but! i’ll see what i can do~ ;u;

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off to finish some gif sets that should have been finished a while ago lol

just a little note as well that if you guys want any sets or gifs in particular of something, just drop them in my ask~


suddenly i see my year old butt gif set back on my dash lol

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Anonymous said,
Would it be ok to request gifs of Taeheon from step by step? that's if youre taking request hehe. thank u

of course! i’m assuming it’s from the korean mv? i’m not quite sure if the pv has different shots of him, but if it does, i’ll gif those for you too ;u;

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8/∞ of Moon Hyuna